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Don’t Miss Out On This Opportunity To Create A CV That Can Get You Shortlisted For An Internship Interview Faster. Explore More!

CV Program Overview

Creating a winning CV that can do wonders in the internship market is an extremely tedious process that requires experience and a skillset to master the art behind it. It’s not about the quantity of words, but rather the quality of the information and details displayed in a professional manner; Your CV should tell the interviewer a story about the brand that is called you. Why should you struggle to be invited for an interview if you have everything it takes to fill the vacancy available. In this presentation, I will be sharing with you my 7 CV attributes that will help you be shortlisted for an interview faster.

Firstly, you should Replace your Career Objective with a Professional summary, as it limits the reader’s focus to what YOU can do, why they should hire you, and what problems you can solve. The Career Objective should be replaced with a condensed professional summary that highlights relevant experience, key competencies, accomplishments, and impact. Instead of generalizing things, your expert summary should emphasize why you are the best applicant for the position. Since it’s only a summary/snapshot, you should keep it to 5 lines rather than writing a lengthy professional summary that is monotonous and boring.

Concentrate on your Achievements or Successes, particularly your quantitative outcomes and the resulting effects. As an illustration, you could write, “I surpassed my Sales Targets in my First Month of work (105%) and Third Month (104%) and earned commissions. My Key Account Customers were the highest Nationwide in terms of Sales Revenue in the last quarter of 2022. Some may say, “By connecting new software features to our clients’ business objectives, we increased revenue for 15 small and medium-sized business clients by 10% in the first year of their engagement.”

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Concentrated on Technical Skills

Companies are now moving from the traditional ways of doing things to the digital era, and this calls for them to be fully equipped with the full appreciation of digital technologies. Technical roles require that you highlight your technical skills prominently in the top section of your resume. This may include Microsoft Office Applications, Digital Marketing, SEO, Big Data, Programming, Social Media, Content Creation, Software development, and many more, and these can be put at the top of the contact information. You may also include some of the projects that you may have done related to your industry.

Personal Data

Personal data should be deleted; including full home address, ID number, dependent count, health data, date of birth, marital status, and religion. Even though we don’t like it, there is discrimination in hiring and selecting employees, so remove other personal information to ensure that you won’t be subjected to any discrimination.

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Always Avoid buzzwords.

If you’re unaware, buzzwords are words that have been overused to the point where they no longer have the same meaning. “Hard-working,” “motivated,” and “diligent” are examples of such words or phrases. To stand out from the competition, swap out buzzwords for action verbs and emphasize your ability to have an impact by emphasizing measurable accomplishments in result-oriented terms.

Unnecessary Wording

Most importantly, recruiters review each CV for less than 6 seconds; hence, you only have 6 seconds to convince the recruitment and selection team that you are the perfect candidate for that position. Following this, you have to go straight to the point. Since it is saved under your full name, your CV does not require a title like “Curriculum Vitae of’ as it becomes to wordy.

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Standardized Format

A CV has a set structure. It uses standard headlines, and is not required to include information about everything you have ever done. Your CV should have a well-articulated Unique Value Proposition that follows a clear, readable structure. Always avoid an “essay entry” and instead get right to the point.

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“If an opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door!”

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