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The Ultimate Guide On How To Dress Like A Professional At The University, Interview or Workplace. Learn More!

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The debate on how to dress for university, a job interview, or the workplace is still unresolved, as quite a number of individuals have varying views and opinions regarding this issue. Some feel that dressing issues are a matter of the heart, as they prefer to wear what makes them happy, while others still feel that there is a specific way of dressing for a specific function that should be adhered to whether one likes it or not. In this section you are going to learn more as I’m going to touch more on why it is important to dress professionally at our workplaces, so that it may help someone.

Dressing professionally at workplace or university is important so as;

To properly represent your organization,
You’re a brand ambassador for your organization, and when various customers or prospects see you, they see your organization in the way you dress, and they put value in it. If one is dressed in torn clothes, customers will view the organization as if they do not take care of their employees, and hence they will lose loyalty to their products or brands.

Dressing properly portrays a positive image of your company to people out there. Some put on corporate wear when they are going to work, and they must be neatly dressed to enhance the reception that they receive from various stakeholders.

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It gives one confidence
Dressing professionally makes one feel confident about what they’re doing, and they will be fully prepared to meet clients in the market or tackle work challenges ahead of them. When you’re properly dressed, even the way you carry yourself or speak will differ, as you’re ready to communicate using the business language. The way you dress will communicate how others view you, as you will be creating your own personal brand.

It shows how serious you are about your work
Dressing professionally says a lot about how much you value your job. You cannot be seen wearing a short on a Monday meeting unless it’s a dress-down day where you’re allowed to do so, otherwise, you will be called for a hearing. With this, you will definitely earn respect due to your appearance and how you look.

It’s important to feel part and parcel of the team
The ability to blend with others is of paramount importance. When you’re professionally dressed, others will also feel comfortable inviting you to contribute your views in group discussions. You will also be considered in some of the decision making processes in the company.

First impressions count
Dressing professionally helps your surroundings form positive impressions of you, and this is also important when you’re attending job interviews, as the employers expect the best from you. What they observe about you can influence their decision, that’s why first impressions are key.

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These are some of the tips on how one can dress professionally

  1. Firstly, one should dress comfortably
  2. Dress appropriately for that specific occasion; for instance, dress formally for interviews, work meetings, customer visits, product presentations, and corporate events.
  3. Check the company policy in regards to tattoos and jewelry. Some organizations, like the Airline industry, do not employ cabin crew with tattoos; hence, it’s important to know some of these things before you’re labeled as notorious.
  4. The biggest secret is to dress 1 step ahead of your position. For instance, if you’re a graduate or on an internship, dress like an intermediate, and if you’re already an intermediate, you should dress like a manager, and it goes on and on.
  5. Dressing professionally is more than just wearing your clothes. It involves the total person and the following areas are also valued when it comes to appearance when dressing professionally;
  • Fresh breath: do not hesitate to use mouthwash, as bad breath is a turnoff for some.
  • Well polished or cleaned shoes, and always choose the right color, especially for ladies.
  • Perfume with a light scent, not a heavy scent, as it may draw unnecessary attention from your surroundings. Also use roll-on.
  • Nails should be trimmed and well-maintained.
  • Lastly, always use make-up that is neutral and doesn’t spill over into the company parameters.
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“If an opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door!”

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