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Most universities students when recruiting for scholarships now require the submission of a motivational letter as part of the application process. Following this, it is of paramount importance to write an exceptional motivational letter so as to impress the recruiters so that they choose you over others. Your motivational letter should speak for you when you’re not there. It must be convincing enough for one to be awarded the scholarship. Below are some ways to draft a motivational letter that will convince the selection team to award you your desired scholarship.

First impressions count

  • Kickstart your letter by introducing yourself to the readers using the 5W principle: who you are, what you are applying for, why you are applying, where you are applying, and when you are applying/starting. This gives the recruiter a general overview of you in brief. Also, take advantage of the opportunity to highlight the theme behind the scholarship in a snapshot so that the selection team understands that you really understand the vision.

Know your target audience

  • Understanding their goals, mission, and vision helps you, as an applicant, tailor your motivational letter so that it suits the direction of the institution. Do not overdo it as if you’re writing a poem, but be realistic always. Show how much you can add value to their institution by clearly outlining your capabilities. This is because organisations now prefer to hire candidates who add value to their institutions, and this will enhance their chances of being hired.
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Highlight your qualifications in brief

  • By outlining your qualifications, you’re clearly indicating to the selection team that you possess the passport to apply for that scholarship; in other words, it means you’re simply validating your suitability. This is your opportunity to showcase your accomplishments, be they academic, sports, leadership skills, or any other outstanding achievements that can grab the attention of the reader. Explain to yourself briefly how such accomplishments have changed you for the better.

Show commitment to the programme

  • By clearly highlighting how much you’re passionate about studying in that field, it’s a clear indication that you’re not just applying for that scholarship out of desperation, but you know very well what you would want to pursue. This is also a chance for you to share practical scenarios of what you have achieved in similar studies or projects before.

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Lay out your future plans

  • Make sure you highlight your personal goals relative to what you’re applying for, be it short-term or long-term, so that they understand how focused you are in terms of planning for your life tomorrow. Institutions would want to give an opportunity to visionary citizens who have an appetite for career growth, not those who are in their comfort zone. Also, highlight how this opportunity will open doors for you in the future.

Be open about your financial position

  • Disclosing your financial position will help the selection committee understand your real position so that they know how much they can channel towards you in case you’re successful in the application process. As much as you may be financially constrained, clearly highlight how you’re going to work hard to produce brilliant results.
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Cover Letter

  • Take this opportunity to outline your personal values and strengths and also give a typical scenario on how you overcame a challenge in your life. Prove to the selection committee how you can added value to the community. This is because institutions are very keen on individuals who contribute positively to their societies.

Quality over quantity

  • Make sure you produce a brief motivational letter that will quench the reader’s appetite to continue reading it. It’s important to produce a quality motivational letter that is error-free. It must be grammatically correct with a professional tone. Aldo, give evidence of your qualifications and accomplishments and only include relevant information. Only one topic should be discussed in a single paragraph.


  • Lastly, put yourself in the shoes of the recruiter and ask yourself: If you were them, were they going to select you after reading your motivational letter? It’s important to always proofread your motivational letter for spelling and grammar errors before submission. Various templates (found on the internet) are used to write a motivational letter, but always make sure that you comply with the specific instructions for that specific institution, as they vary.

The End!

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