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Moving Abroad Has Been Made Easy With These 10 Tips. Read More!

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Moving Abroad is an extremely complex and tedious process, as it involves a lot of time and expertise to navigate through various online sites and social media pages in search of useful information. Some may move for work, school, business, or tourism. Depending on the reason for your move, it’s critical to know what to do before embarking on such a journey to avoid inconveniences, for knowledge is power.

Beyond having a passport, a visa or a work permit, there are some critical issues that need attention which may be viewed as lame in one country but it will be major in another country and this brings us to the key fundamentals on how to fully prepare for such a journey to avoid disappointments.

Just like when one is going through induction training for a new job; they go through certain procedures from safety measures, communication channels, quality control mechanisms and everything necessary before they are assigned with work. Following this, when one is travelling abroad, they also need to be equipped with enough knowledge so that they don’t face any challenges and this brings us to the Topic: “Moving Abroad Has Been Made Easy With These 10 Tips.”

Firstly, Carry Your Vaccination Documents
It’s now mandatory for immigration to only allow vaccinated members into their country especially in the developed countries and some developing nations. They’re are trying their level best to minimize the spread of Covid, hence that’s the reason they resorted to this. Some may even be denied their visas for failing to declare their vaccination status. If you no longer have your vaccination documentation, you better follow-up with relevant authorities in time before you resume your journey.

It’s Key To Carry The Basics Only
Remember, there is a baggage limit of goods for every passenger, and there is no need to overload yourself with unnecessary things. For instance, when one is travelling with British Airways it is 23kg for Economy and 32kg for Business class and this is not much and one cannot afford to carry heavy blankets or unnecessary food stuffs if they can easily be found there. If there are extra goods that are essential, these can be shipped in advance or before at affordable costs.

Get Ready To Be Questioned By Immigration Officers
It’s is the norm for immigration officers to ask you questions at the border. Hence your story must be crystal clear to avoid being deported. This may include the reason or genuineness for your travel, financial status and this include traceable bank statements, valid passport and visa, criminal record and any other requests that may add value to their investigations. Some may find this so intimidating, but remember you’re in a new country governed by their rules and regulations hence complying is the best remedy to be cleared faster.

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Your Network Is Your Net-worthy
It is essential to use your contacts to mobilise what you require before you even get there and this helps to fill yourself up with relevant knowledge. This include trusted properties consultants for accommodation facilitation, job agencies, places of worship, sporting facilities and gyms, social clubs and information on amenities, advice on what to bring to the foreign land and many more things you may require.

This helps you to escape scammers who’re on working tirelessly to harvest from your sweat. Some may call these networks destiny helpers, but they must be chosen carefully with due diligence to avoid inconveniences and thieving.

Make Sure To Get International Driving Permit
This is important if you’re to move around places as they often require this to assess your suitability to drive in their country. This may be obtained in your country from an AA authority for a fee. This permit helps you to get easy access to car hire services as they often require it as they don’t want to risk their businesses by giving their cars to incompetent drivers as they are governed by strict laws.

Carry Out An Environmental Analysis For The Country You’re Travelling To
Geography matters as you’re about to experience new weather patterns that are unusual to you. This depends with the nation you’re travelling to, for instance when you’re going to Dubai you may experience extremely high temperatures unlike someone who is travelling to the UK who may encounter freezing temperatures. This may help one to know what to expect as some are allergic to extreme weather conditions. With this, you will know the types of clothing and gadgets to carry or to buy whe you arrive there.

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Cut Ties With Your Government
To those who will be travelling abroad for good, it’s best to untie yourself from the government systems that are after your money; things like pension, taxes to avoid unnecessary billing whilst you’re away. For the nations with developed systems, this also gives them an opportunity to vote whilst they’re in a foreign land. Furthermore, liberate yourself from paying insurances that you’re no longer using in your home country. Discontinue bank accounts that will not be in use to avoid being charged whilst you’re away.

Be Yourself
A lot of people face massive culture shock when they get to a foreign land. This also includes peer pressure of wanting to cope up with others who’re already in the system. Of course, you must not ignore their culture or their way of doing things, but take your time to learn from them gradually before you lose your identity. This is episodic and doesn’t happen overnight, hence take baby steps to learn from their systems and to adapt to the new culture. Some give advice like; “be the caterpillar who becomes the butterfly!”

Etiquette Is Key
Know the type of Etiquette for the country where you’re going to avoid such awkward moments or being sidelined. For instance, when you go to the restaurants in the United States, it us mandatory to give a tip, whether you liked the food or not unlike in African countries. Also know the way to dress for various occasions or events to suite with the majority, and with this, your networks will grow organically.

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Lastly, Know The Tax Bracket For The Country You’re Travelling To
This helps you to get prepared in advance as salaries are calculated annually as gross, hence you don’t want to be caught unaware after spending lavishly, hence do your homework wisely.

Conclusively, this list is endless, but if you follow it diligently, it may help you out in having a wonderful landing in greener pastures!!

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