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Resignation Background Overview

No matter how loyal you may be to your employer, ask yourself if they truly have your best interests at heart. You must take care of yourself for career development. Be capable of handling it politely and expertly. It’s not about why you leave, it’s about how you leave. Follow the steps on how to do your resignation like a professional.

You have to know whether it’s the perfect timing
Firstly, you know your situation better. There is no reason to quit your job without a Plan B in place; it’s like diving from the frying pan into the fire, as you will regret leaving your job unprepared as bills will be waiting for you.

It’s advisable to look for opportunities first before you hand over your resignation and move swiftly to your new environment after serving your notice period. Disappointments may come, but also look into the pros and cons of the move you are about to make. You would rather discuss your challenges first with your superiors before you quit.

Some have a tendency to leave their job as soon as they receive a promise that they may be hired somewhere else. This is a tricky scenario, as things may take another turn while you are already devoted and dreaming about your new job. Make sure that you have officially been accepted or signed a legal contract before you communicate about your new developments to your current employer. This helps you to ease pressure and to make room for inconveniences and disappointments if things go otherwise.

When you’re about to leave your job, it’s no longer about why you leave; how you leave matters most, as you would want a positive and sound recommendation from your current employer. Subsequently, it’s always advised to keep your communication professional and maintain positive relations for future opportunities.

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Serve Your Notice Period
Generally, contracts vary from one organization to the next; hence, it is advised to serve your notice period faithfully. This will give your organisation ample time to mobilise their resources and recruit someone who can replace you within a productive time frame so that you do proper handover takeover properly. This information must be factored into your resignation letter.

Some may want you to serve 2 weeks, especially for entry-level jobs, 1 month for intermediate jobs, and 3 months for senior level management, and this all depends on your organization and what you agreed on when you signed your contract. Circumstances may arise when your new employer wants you to start the new job immediately; hence, it’s important to ride on your relations with your current employer so that you come up with a plan that will accommodate you and them at the same time without losing your new job.

Craft your resignation letter
This is the moment of truth where you explain yourself to your boss, covering the following categories;

  • A statement that you have decided to resign
  • Timeliness or dates
  • Clearly explain the motive behind your resignation
  • The expression of your gratitude
  • Sign at the end

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Give reasons for your resignation
Never be critical of the business or your core-workers!
It’s advised that you use a conversational approach to engage your leadership or management to say out loud what prompted you to leave your job for another organization. As much as it’s not an easy thing to do, you better gather your facts correctly before you are forced to change your mind in that meeting. You may also arrange to meet a Human Resources Expert so that you can also do an exit interview where you address issues regarding the company’s policies, culture, and business with a holistic approach.

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It’s important that you plan before this meeting, for you would want to give constructive ideas rather than destructive ones, as you still want to maintain a healthy relationship with your former employer. Always maintain a professional tone while you do this, as you may have encountered fierce battles with some individuals in the management.

Arrange a meeting with the Human Resources personnel
As much as you may decide to email your resignation to your boss, it’s equally important to meet with HR and explain yourself clearly on the reasons behind your departure. This gives you an opportunity to thank them for how you worked with them and how you are looking forward to wrapping up pending projects. However, this kind of meeting is not a must, it just shows that you have positive work ethics.
As much as you may say your resignation in a meeting, it’s mandatory to sign an official resignation letter so that you’re released earlier, as this is part of the exit process in every organization.

Handover Takeover Process
Now that you’re barely left with 2 weeks or a month to leave your current organization, this is your opportunity to do a swift handover-takeover. You may want to offload all you have learned to your replacement. This is a grooming procedure; hence, you’ve got to be extremely patient and understanding in terms of how you help your fellow worker master important concepts. This may exclude how you operate certain machinery, how you used to conduct your meetings, organizational systems, or getting to know the new team or clients in the market or in various offices.

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You may also need to clear yourself in every department to make sure that all the arrears are cleared, from Accounts, Procurement, Invoicing, HR, and every relevant department. You don’t want to be caught unaware that you owe your former organization ABC while you are already engaged to your new organization. This may include handing over the company car, company handset and line, laptop, all the money you owe the company, and any other valuable material that belongs to the company.

Always appreciate your organisation for the opportunities you had
As much as it may not sound right for you to do so, always maintain a professional tone. Sharing gratitude for the opportunities you had within the organization shows that you’re well-mannered and respectful in how you conduct things. Only highlight the positives, as you would have developed strong bonds with other workmates. With this, they may consider you for future opportunities.

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Furthermore, take this opportunity to thank your coworkers and leadership, and this will help you grow your network, as your network is your net worth. This enhances your career development opportunities. All the best on your journey!

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