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United States Embassy Open Vacancies Available In Multiple Locations For 2024!

Explore the World with a Career at a U.S. Embassy

The United States Embassy maintains over 270 diplomatic missions around the globe, from embassies in capital cities to consulates in major commercial hubs. These outposts of American influence offer a diverse array of career opportunities for professionals looking to serve their country and experience life abroad.


Foreign Service Officer Roles

The heart of any U.S. Embassy is its cadre of Foreign Service Officers (FSOs). These diplomats represent American interests and engage with host governments on a wide range of political, economic, and cultural matters. FSO positions span five career tracks:

1. Political – Analyze host country politics, report on developments, and engage with government officials.

2. Economic – Promote U.S. commercial interests, report on economic trends, and assist American businesses.

3. Consular – Provide visa services, assist American citizens overseas, and manage immigration issues.

4. Public Diplomacy – Engage with local media, organize cultural exchanges, and communicate U.S. policies.

5. Management – Oversee embassy operations, human resources, security, and general administration.

Becoming a Foreign Service Officer requires passing a rigorous multi-stage exam process and security clearance. However, those who make the cut enjoy an exciting, well-compensated career with global travel opportunities.

Civil Service Openings

U.S. Embassies also employ American citizens in Civil Service roles, which are posted on the federal government’s website. These positions cover a variety of administrative, technical, and professional functions, such as:

  • Human Resources Specialists
  • Information Management Officers 
  • Facilities Maintenance Technicians
  • Security Engineers
  • Budget and Finance Analysts
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The Civil Service hiring process follows standard federal procedures, including résumé screening, interviews, and background checks. While not as prestigious as the Foreign Service, these roles offer stability, benefits, and the chance to be part of the U.S. diplomatic corps.


Opportunities for Families

For spouses and family members of Foreign Service members, U.S. Embassies provide Eligible Family Member (EFM) appointments. These allow qualified relatives to obtain employment within the embassy, often in clerical, administrative, or professional capacities. EFM positions help offset the career disruptions that come with the Foreign Service lifestyle.

Internships and Fellowships

The State Department also recruits the next generation of diplomats through a variety of internship and fellowship programs. These opportunities, targeted at undergraduate and graduate students, provide invaluable experience in the foreign policy arena. Notable examples include the Pathways Internship and the Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Program.

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Application Procedure

To apply for jobs at the US Embassy, the application process typically involves the following steps:

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1. Search Vacancies : Check the US embassy of your interest and explore its career page to explore job openings.

2. Create an ERA Account: Interested candidates must first create an account on the Electronic Recruitment Application (ERA) website . This is the online platform used for submitting job applications.

3.Review Job Vacancies: Once logged into the ERA page, applicants can browse through the available job vacancies. It is important to carefully review each position to ensure that the qualifications meet the requirements 

4.Submit Online Application: After selecting a position, applicants need to complete the application process and submit their application through ERA . The online application will require information and documents related to work experience, education, work or residency permits, and contact details 

5.Attend Assessment: If selected for further consideration, applicants may be required to attend an assessment for the position in person . Telephone interviews may be possible in rare cases, but in-person interviews are typically held at the location of the job being advertised . Travel expenses to and from the location will not be reimbursed 

6.Dress Appropriately: It is expected that applicants dress appropriately for the assessment at the Embassy .

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