x165 Internship Careers At The United Nations For 2024

Program Overview

The United Nations (UN) Internships program is tasked with upholding peace and security on a worldwide scale, fostering goodwill among states, and advancing socioeconomic progress, improved living conditions, and human rights. The UN, a well-known worldwide organization, provides a range of internship opportunities for people looking to advance their careers and support the organization’s goals.

The UN offers a number of internship positions vacant in February 2024 in a variety of departments and subjects. Those with a good academic background, appropriate professional experience, and a desire to change the world are the ideal candidates for these roles. A few of the most popular sectors with internship opportunities are public relations, political affairs, human rights, peacekeeping, and economic and social development.

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Selection Criteria

Candidates must fulfill particular eligibility requirements, which might change based on the internship program and department, in order to apply for an internship at the UN. Generally speaking, candidates must have finished their coursework at a university or similar institution within a year of the application deadline, or they must be enrolled in a graduate program (second university degree or higher). Candidates should also have a strong interest in UN work and a track record of interacting well with people from different cultural backgrounds.

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The majority of UN internships are unpaid, while some may offer a small stipend to help with living expenses. An internship may last anywhere from two months to six months, depending on the demands of the department sponsoring it and the candidate’s availability.

Internship Vacancies

Interested parties can visit the UN Careers website on a regular basis to discover open internship opportunities at the UN (165 Positions available). Each internship is explained in full on the website, along with the qualifying requirements, duty locations, application deadlines, and application submission instructions.

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Application Procedure

Although getting an internship at the UN might be difficult, you can improve your chances of being chosen for this esteemed opportunity by being well-prepared and taking the appropriate approach. A detailed tutorial on how to apply for a United Nations internship can be found below:

  1. Research and Find Internship possibilities: It’s important to do your homework and find internship possibilities that fit your interests, abilities, and academic background before applying for a position at the UN. The UN provides internships in a variety of departments, agencies, and programs, so be sure to look into your alternatives and choose the ones that most closely align with your professional objectives.
  2. Examine the Eligibility Requirements: Depending on factors like educational background, language ability, and other considerations, each internship position at the UN may have unique eligibility requirements. Before submitting your application, it is imperative that you thoroughly check the qualifying requirements for the internship opportunities you are interested in to make sure you satisfy all the requirements.
  3. Submit Your Application Online: You may apply for a UN internship online via the UN Careers portal or the particular website of the UN organization that is providing the internship. Before submitting your application, carefully read the directions in the internship posting, make sure you’ve filled out all the needed fields, and attach all the appropriate paperwork.
  4. Await Selection Process: You will have to wait for the selection process to begin after submitting your application for a United Nations internship. Depending on the particular internship opportunity, different timelines may apply for the evaluation of applications and the selection of individuals. In the event that you are called for an interview or additional evaluation, be sure to prepare well in advance and reply as soon as possible.
  5. Get proper Documentation: In the event that you are chosen for an internship at the UN, you will need to obtain the proper paperwork, which may include a current passport, a visa (if needed), proof of health insurance, and any other documents that the UN or the host nation may ask for. Make sure that, prior to beginning your internship, you have completed all administrative prerequisites.
  6. Make Required Plans: Prior to beginning your internship at the UN, make the appropriate plans for your travel and lodging, if applicable, and acquaint yourself with the pertinent regulations and procedures of the UN agency where you will be working as an intern. Get ready to maximize this priceless educational opportunity.
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