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5 Golden Tips An Interviewee Should Do Before Leaving The Interview. Explore More!

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Being called to an interview is a golden opportunity to showcase your ability to fill the vacancy available, but it may take ages before one is called for interview. Following this, it is extremely important to do a perfect job when you are called for an interview by asking the right questions that may earn you a job offer before missing out on the opportunity. For all job seekers, get ready to learn more on the interview tips.

An interview is a 2 way communication between the interviewer and the interviewee, hence the interviewers would want to understand all the relevant capabilities of the candidate or job seekers for that particular job before they make a decision to give you an offer or to call you for another interview.

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Below are the 5 tips job seekers should ask before leaving an interview room;

You have to thank the interviewer
Thanking the interviewer is one of the important tips which shows gratitude and appreciation for the opportunity in as much as you may get the job offer or not. Thanking the interviewers doesn’t mean that you’re bribing them but rather it shows a level of professionalism and good work ethics. Who knows, maybe when you’re denied for that particular job you may be considered for future opportunities.

Sending a Thank you note is of paramount importance for all job seekers
The first impression counts. Sending a thank you note shows your high level of seriousness, professionalism and interest for that particular job. This should be personalised according to your case, but it must be short and precise and it should be send within 48hrs.

It’s key to follow-up with references if you are job seekers
References speak volumes about candidates when they are not there. It’s important to make sure that you’re in good books with your referees, otherwise they may tarnish your profile if you do not get along, in as much as you would have nailed the interview. So following up with them after an interview helps them to easily remember your profile and they will not say ordinary things but rather your outstanding achievements when they are contacted by the employer.

Putting an extra effort on your presentation is key for interview tips
Employers are now tired of hiring boring and “too calm for nothing” individuals to join their vibrant organisations, but they rather prefer energetic candidates that are highly creative and innovative in executing their duties. Henceforth, its important to fully prepare for the interview by researching about the organisation in detail and identify what you can bring to the organisation to close the gaps.

Salary expectations must be discussed early on
This is the best way to ensure that there is a win win situation between the interviewer and the interviewee before advancing to the next stage. In regards to this question, before mentioning any figures, one should remind the interviewer why he or she should offer you a salary in the first place, one should be prepared to negotiate and reach an agreement.

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You should never be too desperate for anything as you will end up being paid bread crumbs, whilst they eat the whole bread. Also be clever to have done your own salary audit in the market so that you stay within range. A salary which is too high may chase away employers as they may not afford to hire you, whilst a salary which is too low some employees may feel that you are of no value hence they do jot want to hire candidates that are too desperate for the job.

Conclusively, its important to know the time frames in which the employer is going to respond to you. The shorter the time frames, the better for the candidate to remain committed to the organisation and vice versa is true.

“If an opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door!”

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